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Simply book & access vehicles via the use of company badges or smartphone app.

More About Go2Uni

The Go2Uni platform is a research & development outcome that aims at bringing mobility assistance to its future, where services will be optimised based on crowdsourcing information from the same users.

The Transport Research Group within the Research Unit of Engineering Science (FSTC), lead by Prof. Francesco Viti, coordinates research activities ranging from traffic and transport data analysis of various types, planning and management of transport services and mobility and sustainability policy. The go2uni platform is a research & development project funded by the FP7 EU Marie-Curie Career Integration Grant project InCoMMune (grant holder: Francesco Viti) and the AFR-PhD grants STABLE (grant holder Francois Sprumont) and PLAYMOBeL (grant holder Bogdan Toader).

Why Choose Go2Uni

Any other multimodal platform is optimised for general use. Go2Uni is optimised for your needs!
Join the Go2Uni Community: help us in understanding your mobility needs and preferences, and you will get rewarded by saving time and money, and for making sustainable development possible!

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